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The challenge of change



I can tell you that my life (Felicia Munteanu) told within a book or in the form of an autobiographical documentary film may be a challenge to change for many people. The reason why I am initiating this project is that a producer, after having met me, suggested me to make a movie inspired by my life, but it would be needed financing for this. I will give you some details about myself in order to explain why such a movie would be a challenge for change.

I am an ordinary person who lived her life far from understanding and accepting the power of the divine light. I worked as a high –school and university professor and I was always concerned with my training, my work, with culture, art, but never with God.

God made His appearance in my life as a result of a revelation experienced during a religious ceremony which was being held at the high-school where I was teaching. I think of that day as the moment of my second birth. That event in my life occurred in the year 1992. Since then, miracles have constantly been present in my life. I started living my life by new principles and I succeeded to get rid of certain diseases that I had contracted, I have had the pleasure to contribute to the healing of certain people through prayer, I received over 100 books through channeling. Now I have access to spoken channeling in languages of which I have a superficial knowledge. What is fascinating to us, people, it definitely has something to do with faith. To me, faith has become over the years a true experience.

I met many special people throughout the course of my life and I am very certain that it was never random. To give you in short certain details of my miraculous experiences I need to make a few specifications.

Everything I did under the guidance of my inner voice, I always thought with certitude that it was divine guidance. I felt the high power of the divine gift within myself. But what is the most important are the results. Nobody can believe someone who talks about her dreams, but can believe when whatever she says is a palpable reality of her life.

I can now give you a few details about the multiple spiritual experiences in my life. I established over the years that I am constantly aided to climb on the steps of knowledge and tripped at the same time so I won’t be too calm. This is how I understood my battle and how I began my purification. What I experienced as miracles is very hard to express in just a few phrases.

First, I completely cured myself of a series of diseases, I helped many people heal themselves, I wrote books, made video books transmitted through channeling, participated to conferences, I held classes, seminars and work-shops. I also produced a TV show, made a magazine and participated to the producing of a radio show. All these are actions of my day to day life, the miracles are completely different. I was guided to write and I wrote, my first books were accepted and were sold even in a monastery. I met with the fashion designer Pacco Rabane who spoke to me of my mission back when I didn’t know anything about it, in 1999 when he visited Romania and I sent Pope John Paul II the messages which I had received through channeling and I had the surprise to hear him reading them in Romanian language.

Also, I gave a book to one of the presidents of Romania regarding the mission of country considering that I was guided to act in that direction. I had the surprise that the president of Romania cancelled his participation to the following elections, and from the speech which he gave, I was 90% certain that his decision was inspired by the book which I gave him.

I have met many orthodox clairvoyants priests who supported and are still supporting me. And the miraculous tales and meetings which proved that there is a connection in everything were many. You may ask yourselves why do I think that a film made from my autobiography would be a challenge to change. There are many people who had spiritual experiences and helped change the thinking and mentality of others.


My life is but a spiritual novel which can help many people because it certainly contains many new elements that might be unique. There are many people in the world who are receiving information by channeling, but spoken channeling is quite rare, and transmission from divinity: God the Father, Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit are even more rare.

All that I can tell you are facts that convince many people that the true power is in themselves and these can challenge them to change and to make efforts for inner purification.

I will write the script for my autobiographical film named CHALLENGE TO CHANGE.

You can financially support my project and also you can be useful to those who want a profound inner change.


How The Money Will Be Used


Seeking  Euros 70,000 to shoot a film.  The money is for a crew (which includes cast, actors, director, producer, etc.), promotions, and marketing.
















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